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Gnome Icons in the Unity Bar


I installed Cryptkeeper on my Ubuntu 11.04, but when I run it, the only way to manage it is through the icon it places in the top desktop bar, or Panel.  You know that top desktop bar that used to hold my wonderful applet icons, yeah this one:

Unity Desktop


Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit (Natty Narwhal)

Asus G73JW-A1 (RoG)


So if you want to see your icons in the top bar again, run this command from the Terminal, and once you’re done log out and back in:

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['all']"

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Ubuntu One – “Maximum Upload Speed”

This applies to my installation:  Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx):

If you’re an Ubuntu One user like me you probably had the urge to complain about the fact that Ubuntu One, when uploading, sucks the life out of your internet bandwidth.  To the best of my knowledge they are aware, and have been aware for a while, but no patch as of yet.  The screen I am talking about, of course, is this one:

Ubuntu One Preferences

Luckily there is a work-around!  A simple one even 🙂

In a nutshell here are the steps:

  1. Remove Ubuntu One from the “Startup Applications Preferences”
  2. Install “trickle” from Synaptic Package Manager
  3. Add this command as a Startup Program in the “Startup Applications Preferences”(Note: The number below is KB/s)
    • trickle -u 40 /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon
  4. Logout & Login or Reboot

Detailed Steps:

  1. System –> Preferences –> Startup Applications:  Uncheck Ubuntu One
    • Startup Programs
  2. System –> Administration –> Synaptic Package Manager:  Type in trickle in the search, right-click package, and Mark for Installation
    • trickle
  3. System –> Preferences –> Startup Applications:  Click Add
    • Startup Programs
    • Add the following text to the Command:
      trickle -u 40 /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon
      • Add Trickle To Startup
      • Click Add, and Trickle will be added to the Startup Applications
  4. Logout & Login or Reboot

Comments, questions, or corrections – always welcome 🙂

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Kernel panic – not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)

Let’s be honest, am I totally screwed?

I rebooted my Ubuntu PC, because VirtualBox was locking up on me, and I get this wonderful message on a lovely black screen:

Kernel panic – not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)

Now I have completely migrated to Ubuntu; I’m not dual-booting.  I am no Linux expert, nor am I high adept with Linux, but I’m not a moron either.  So like a good neighbour Google and the Open Source Community is there 🙂

If anyone can point me in the right direction, please comment.

Either way I will be posting updates, as I figure out what to do.

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From what I gather this issue may have to do with GRUB2.  So I followed the instructions at this link:

I tried all three methods mentioned for reinstalling GRUB2, unfortunately none of them solved the issue 😦

Since I need my PC up and running sooner than later, I am going to reinstall Ubuntu 10.04.2 – good thing I keep it all backed up on the cloud (thanks Deja Dup & Ubuntu One) 🙂

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