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HTC EVO 4G not Sending/Receiving MMS Messages :(


HTC Sense default messaging unable to send or receive MMS messages 😦  Every time I try to send an MMS, I eventually receive the error message: “generic network failure”.

My Setup:

Phone:  Sprint HTC EVO 4G

OS:  Fresh Evo 4.2 ( by flipz


As usual, I cannot take credit for my ingenious solutions 😉  You can find the source of my plagiarized solution here.

Note:  You DO NOT need the be rooted for this solution.  However, if you’re not rooted, you should be ;P

  1. Download “APN Backup & Restore” from the Market
  2. Use the App, and first run Backup APNs
    • APN BackRestore
  3. Name the file: APN-Broken.xml
  4. Connect your phone to your computer as “disk drive”, using notepad open APN-Broken.xml, and correct the code to match:
    • <?xml version=’1.0′ encoding=’UTF-8′ standalone=’yes’ ?>
      <apns count=”1″>
      <apn name=”Production” numeric=”00000″ mcc=”000″ mnc=”00″ apn=”1” user=”null” server=”null” password=”null” proxy=”null” port=”null” mmsproxy=”null” mmsport=”null” mmsprotocol=”2.0″ mmsc=”” type=”mms” />
  5. Save your changes as APN-Fixed.xml
  6. Disconnect your phone from your PC, and run APN Backup & Restore again
  7. Now run Restore APNs
    • APN BackRestore02
  8. Choose APN-Fixed.xml to apply it
  9. Perform a Reboot on your phone, and you’re all set.

Leave you comments or questions below 🙂

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